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Gdansk audit

The external audit of the IFSO Center of Excellence took place on July 30, 2019 at the University Hospital in Gdańsk (Poland).

Our center has been preparing for this event for over 2 years. During this time, we were constantly trying to optimize the therapeutic pathway of bariatric patients in our hospital.

Mrs. Ioanna Gallou and professor Gerard Prager came to Gdańsk as IFSO auditors. It was an important and somehow stressful moment for us.

Mrs. Ioanna Gallou, is a very professional and experienced auditor, who has conducted many certifications in various places around the world.

She has created the nice and friendly atmosphere and at the same time the entire audit was carried out according to the assumed schedule.

We are strong supporters for standardization of the surgical treatment and postoperative care for bariatric patients. We believe that creating highly specialized bariatric centers allows to maintain the highest safety standards and achieve the best outcome of the entire therapeutic process.

Being the IFSO Centre of Excellence allows to be recognizable as a representing the best treatment and safety standards, what should be essential for future patients considering the best place for their treatment.

Sincerely yours
Ph.D. Monika Proczko-Stepaniak

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