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doctor tool2European Accreditation Council for Bariatric Surgery (EAC-BS) is the organization that examines the institutional facilities and the surgeon's qualifications and experience in order to ensure they offer safe and efficient management to morbidly obese and patients with other metabolic disorders that can be surgically treated (i.e. diabetes type 2).

The mission is, therefore, to ensure patient's safety and improve quality of services offered to the severely obese patients worldwide and in the meantime to encourage the health care providers to improve their services to a level of excellence.

By establishing Centres of Excellence (COE) in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery with emphasis on safe, efficacious and efficient treatment and by continuously monitoring the outcome of bariatric and metabolic surgery, there will be improvement and optimization of the patient's management in those geographic areas where an IFSO Centre of Excellence Program exists.

For the time being, the Accreditation process is active for Institutions in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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