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P3280552First of all, up to date, I would like to say that it has been a very good planned and smoothly driven process.

Starting from our application, the detailed prerequisites or requirements during the data upload of each consecutive bariatric case was exemplary.

Your requests about the written documents, the professionals that you wanted to meet and also the departments that you wanted to visit and explore in the hospital were very straightforward and right to the point.

We also appreciated a lot the fact that your visit didn't affect at all our busy schedule.

Your comments and experience therefore will certainly be of uppermost value for us as it is a necessity for a quality audit.

In an effort to establish a high level of standard in our bariatric surgical program, the importance of your auditing and therefore the possibility of obtaining the "European Center of Excellence" cannot be overemphasized.

As strong and heartily followers of "evidence based medicine", "medical ethics" and relevant technological developments, our main aim is to provide world class service to all of our bariatric patients.

To achieve that, proper and serious auditing by an official third party is extremely important and actually a "must" and we are very aware of that.

We have been very careful in the selection of the hospital that we practice and this is also true for the team of doctors, phycologists, nurses, dieticians, nurses and technicians.

As you have witnessed, Acibadem Hospital provides all modern equipment and requirements and also the maintenance services.

Acıbadem Hospital's laboratory (ISO standard 15189) and pathology departments (ISO standard 17025) are routinely audited.
Acibadem Hospital also had a former JCI accreditation.
As the biggest hospital group in Turkey, they are currently supervised by the Ministry of Health in Turkey.

We also set a strong and experienced team that ensures detailed pre-surgery check-up and also life-long follow-up program for our operated patients.

We are also very proud of our protective database and its maintenance.

IFSO accreditation therefore, will help us to prove that our standard and practices are in accordance with the accepted world standards.

Thank you again for your visit.

Kind regards,


Istanbul Bariatrics Team

Mehmet Ali Yerdel M.D.                                      Ahmet Gökhan Türkçapar M.D.

Professor of Surgery                                          Professor of Surgery


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