bariatric teamOur Bariatric Metabolic Center in the Bahrain Defense Force Hospital Royal medical services is considered one of the best specialized centers for bariatric surgery.

The team members meet on a weekly basis to discuss all cases, without any discrimination and/or exceptions. The ongoing cooperation between our specialists, doctors, and patients along with providing the best possible treatment plan (i.e. on a global scale) is our main goal at the center. By achieving this, we are providing our patients with the best and highest quality of service.At the Bariatric Metabolic Center, our team orients the patient both physically and psychologically to undergo bariatric surgery. We take the patient’s diet/nutritional history in details, as well as exercise patterns, social history, family history of obesity, and even, any possible psychological factors that may exist. Secondly, a thorough medical investigation is done for any possible chronic illnesses resulting from obesity. Thirdly, our specialists in the center “draw” an extensive treatment plan for other probable upcoming steps. We believe that obesity may be treated in the long run and with great success. This can be done through the help, cooperation, and teamwork between all our specialists. Having a team of certified and experienced health professionals from different medical fields is essential for treatment. Our Bariatric Metabolic Centre understands that each patient should be given an individualized plan that is most suitable for him/her. This guarantees a safer and more efficient treatment for both morbidly obese patients and patients who have health hazards resulting from obesity. Through the clarification, proper instructions, and gradual steps toward treatment, our team may guide and support the patient towards a successful journey towards optimal weight loss.

prof.khalid alkhalifa

Major General (prof) Khalid Bin Ali Al-Khalifa

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