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Obesity Center Máxima is part of Máxima Medical Center, a STZ member hospital situated on two locations in the Netherlands, Veldhoven and Eindhoven.

Maxima Medical Center

maximaOur hospital is one of the few centers in the Netherlands who is allowed by the government to take care of Bariatric patients and also is a Certified Center of Excellence by the IFSO. Dr Luijten is currently the only Dutch surgeon who is member of the Accreditation Review Committee. 

Patients are being helped here in their fight against Obesity for more than 35 years. Three expert surgeons work together with their team in a multidisciplinary pathway which starts with a thourough one day screening by a nurse practitioner, physiotherapist, psychologist , dietician and a surgeon in order to evaluate the patients. When necessary complementary steps are taken to prepare the patient. We offer a whole range of different operations to our patients. Mostly Lap Gastric Bypass is preformed. A substantial part of our operations are redo´s.

Patients stay in our bariatric ward with our specialized nursing team, who takes care of them all day and makes sure that a quick recovery is started after the operation. 

The operation is only a small part of our work. The personal road for every patient to a better health is a pathway in which we support the patients in their needs for at least 5 years. Our nurse practitioners arrange the whole multidisciplinary follow up for our patients. 

During our 35 years of expertise in Bariatrics we currently take care of 1000 new patients a year and we have about 7000 patients in follow up.



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