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surgeonAs Centre of Excellence in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery can be accredited an Institution specialized in the treatment of patients' with metabolic disorders (obesity, diabetes type 2, metabolic syndrome e.t.c). Therefore, the appropriate facilities, ancillary services are necessary. Additionally, surgeons with the necessary training and experience in bariatric and metabolic surgery should be practicing in such institutions. Therefore, Accreditation as Centre of Excellence will be provided when the combination of Institution and the Surgeon(s) are BOTH meeting the requirements set by IFSO.

In order to apply for Accreditation, please fill-in and submit on-line the necessary forms.

Applying for

A) Institutional Accreditation as Centre of Excellence
At least one IFSO-EC certified Bariatric Surgeon should be practicing in the centre. Additionally, all the necessary equipment, ancillary services, administrative and laboratory facilities as stated in IFSO- EC Centre of Excellence Program requirements have to be met.

B) Surgeon's Accreditation in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery
At first, the surgeon's credentials should be notified to the Accreditation Council by e-mail (on line registration) and later by post if required by the Accreditation Review Committee.
The information provided from Institution and Surgeon(s) will be evaluated by the Accreditation Review Committee (by 2 reviewers). The report of the reviewers will be forwarded to the Scientific Board for final decision.

A provisional acceptance as Centre of Excellence (COE) in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery will be granted when the applicants demonstrate that they have the resources, qualifications and experience to provide safe and effective patient's management. However, the application may be denied by the Scientific Board or be placed on a monitoring status when additional information is necessary.

An internet-operated database (International Bariatric Registry - IBARTM) will then be provided by the Council to the Provisional Status participants and data of all operations and patient's outcome will be entered. Morbidity, mortality and patient's outcome will be continuously evaluated for a certain period of time (minimum 12 months).

When provisional status participants can prove based on their outcomes, that they provide outstanding patient's management, they can apply for final approval. A site visitation by experienced auditors will take place. Final approval and an IFSO certificate as Centre of Excellence in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery will be granted to those Institutions and Surgeons fulfilling all IFSO requirements.


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