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P4030029It has been our pleasure having Ms. Gallou in Amman for the past couple days. She was great company and has done the audit in a very professional manner. All equipment used by our bariatric patients' pre, intra and post operatively was carefully examined, in addition to the flow of patients in between the centre and the hospital.

Becoming an accredited centre of excellence in bariatric surgery will attest to the quality of care provided at the centre and the hospital. And will maintain high level of certification and qualification to all healthcare professionals in the multi-disciplinary team, which play a vital role in providing hands-on care and follow-up to the patients.

It will also promote the health, safety and welfare of the patients' pre, intra and post operatively, by assuring high quality equipment, easy flow of the patients between the centre and the hospital and competency of healthcare professionals dealing with the patients.

Accreditation will also promote standards of practice and a reliable basis for inter- and intra-institutional cooperative practices. For team members, it promotes ongoing self-evaluation and continuous improvement and provides an effective system for accountability.

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