Agreement with EAC - BS - EAC-BS - European Accreditation Council for Bariatric Surgery

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Agreement with EAC - BS

All IFSO European Chapter COE Program participants must read and agree to the EAC-BS privacy policy, terms of use and website disclaimer and to the following terms and conditions:

All patients should be asked to sign an informed consent form allowing their pre-operative, intra-operative and outcome data (excluding personal data such as name, surname, address, contact details e.t.c) to be included in the International Bariatric Registry (IBARTM) for the purpose of carrying out anonymous studies, statistic and outcome reports, as well as for the ongoing evaluation of the Institutions as a COE.

To ensure absolute accuracy, patients who decline to give their consent will be included in the registry only as a patient treated and will thus be included in the total number of cases managed at each Institution, purely as a statistic. However, a clear note of the patient's wish to remain anonymous and not be included in the registry should be indicated in the relevant databank check-box.

With respect to this application all information provided to EAC-BS and all patients' data entered in the International Bariatric Registry (IBARTM)is in full compliance with the National laws and regulations concerning the patients' status of anonymity, confidentiality of patient's information and the conditions governing the assimilation, provision or assessment of information related patient data applicable on the date of submission in the applicant's country.

Wilfully affording incorrect information and/or misleading data, specifically concerning complications and deaths will result in the immediate loss of my status as a Centre of Excellence.

The term "Provisional Status" is an internal title used only within the EAC-BS and therefore I agree not to publicize or advertise such designation to any third party.

Being awarded provisional status does not automatically guarantee the final approval of EAC-BS and IFSO-EC as a Centre of Excellence. This decision is based on patients' outcome results.

A full onsite inspection to be carried out by the appointees of EAC-BS and furthermore that full approval by IFSO-EC as Centre of Excellence is subject to the results of such an inspection, in order to verify the reported data. For as long as my centre is included in the COE program I understand that it is among my obligations to afford any and every assistance to the registered auditors of the EAC-BS.

Standarization of all operations and treatment plans is necessary to ensure that all patients are treated in accordance with internationally defined clinical protocols, although the determination of the specific treatment regimen remains at the discretion of the surgeon(s) and his (their) team of physicians. Should he(they) decide to change the protocols, he(they) will notify the EAC-BS accordingly, with a detailed letter to that effect. Implementation of such clinical protocols in all centres of excellence will allow comparison procedures and treatment plans.

Application for approval as a Centre of Excellence is entirely voluntary. Furthermore the application fee is non-refundable and that payment of the said application fee does not guarantee approval as a Centre of Excellence.

Applicants have the right to appeal any decision concerning this application by registering such an appeal with the EAC-BS Scientific Board and that they will accept the decision of the EAC-BS Scientific Board as final.

In the light of the voluntary application for consideration as an IFSO - EC Centre of Excellence, applicants hereby waive any right to claims against the IFSO-EC or EAC-BS and their representatives or employees arising out of this application or the non-approval of this application. Applicants furthermore waive any claim or right to file a any form of legal suit against IFSO-EC, or EAC-BS and their representatives or employees, or any individual, medical institution or hospital or indeed other body that may arise from the assimilation, provision or assessment of information related to my application.


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