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During the year 2004, the IFSO-European Chapter was unofficially founded during several personal meetings of leading European bariatric surgeons. At the IFSO European Symposium in Prague in 2004, the main goals and future activities of the Chapter were formulated. The Chapter has subsequently been officially approved by the Executive Council of IFSO at the IFSO World Congress in Maastricht, the Netherlands, in 2005. IFSO-EC is an integral part of IFSO, acting in alignment with the bylaws and other official documents of IFSO.
Among the main tasks and strategies of IFSO-EC are:

  • A special focus and interest in bariatric activities in Europe, where the enormous European scientific potential can be used as an important force for the development of bariatric surgery.
  • Coordination of scientific collaboration amonh various national European (and other) bariatric surgical organizations at the European level.
  • Collaboration with the official authorities of the European Union (e.g. European Parliament, EU Council, etc.), national governmental organizations and other international organizations, such as the WHO, on awareness and prevention of obesity and treatment pathways.
  • Organization and coordination of broad European bariatric scientific activities, such as European bariatric congresses, national meetings, etc.
  • Collaboration with non-surgical obesity-focused organizations, such as EASO, IOTF and relevant patient advocacy groups.
  • Collaboration with European payor / health-care provider organizations on the health economics, safety and effectiveness of bariatric surgery.

The current President of IFSO-EC is Dr. Gerhard Prager from Austria.
The Executive Director is Professor Martin Fried from Czech Republic.

For more information please click ifso-ec.com.

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