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Uniwersyteckie Centrum Kliniczne Gdańsk

badanaI would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to Mrs. Ioanna Gallou for her valuable visit. Her help and advices were of upmost importance. We learned much from her, especially the hot spot (where exactly to look for). Her guidance and dedication meant a lot to us.

Regarding our experience as a Center of Excellence, I believe we have got the most benefit of it:

  • People trust certified centers much more than none
  • Responsibility of being a COE is a moreover reason to stick to the guidelines regarding patient’s selection, indications and even the choice of surgery
  • Equipment is standard
  • Easy access to our data (where we are, complications, outcome). Personally I like this one the most.

Dr Mohamed Saber
Senior Specialist Bariatric Surgery

IFSO | Obesity & Bariatric Surgery

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